HR Annie Hotline

Reliable. Accurate. On-Demand. 

The HR Annie Hotline includes:

  • Weekly HR check-in with HR Annie dedicated Consultant
  • Unlimited email/phone access to the HR Annie Team for HR and general employee questions with designated company contact
  • 5% discount on projects, workshops, trainings and products
  • 5% discount on HR Consulting additional hours
  • Free HR Annie Newsletters and email updates
  • Discounted rates on BackgroundBrief background checks

Why build a Hotline into your HR system?

Compliance and Time Management

HR Annie knows that your HR to-do list grows very quickly and items get buried in your many piles while you manage your business. Until…

…Until that ‘something’ happens that you just can’t ignore and starts keeping you up at night. When you are an HR Annie Hotline subscriber, you will know that relief and a good night’s sleep is right at hand. You can call us anytime, and better yet, we will reach out to you weekly to keep that HR to-do list in check!

Just a Few Reasons our Clients love their HR Annie Hotline

  • I’m making a hiring decision (references, offer letters, etc.)
  • Our job descriptions are not accurate
  • There are job performance issues
  • It’s time to terminate an employee
  • We’ve received an employee claim and/or a BOLI investigation.
  • We have a Workers’ Compensation injury/Return to Work Programs
  • There’s a new employment law that I don’t understand
  • Are we paying our employees competitively – wage and salary review?
  • Employee files any type of legal action, grievance, etc.
  • Employee requests a Leave of Absence
  • New policies and handbook addendums
  • Conflict management between employee and supervisor that can’t be resolved
  • Do we need to call an employment attorney yet?
  • Good old venting!

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