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HR Annie is here to help and support you with finding you your newest team members! Our recruiters are knowledgeable in industry trends, competitive wage and benefit offerings, as well as best practices for conducting a thorough full-cycle recruitment.

We begin by going through an interactive process to create and customize the perfect recruitment plan for you! Our Review and Recommendations Report is like a Gap Analysis for your hiring process. We'll look at your existing systems and determine the next steps to help you reach you goals.


We Can Help You:

  • Conduct a recruitment intake call with the hiring manager or company representative to gather pertinent details to the role such as requirements, hours, perks, etc.
  • Track applicants with our in-house system, HR Annie Hires
  • Write an enticing and compliant job ad that speaks to company culture and details discussed during the intake call
  • Secure a process and platform for applicant tracking that best suits the client’s needs
  • Post the ad on hot job boards that make most sense for the industry and role
  • Update posts and actively source candidates to ensure the talent pool is maximized and fresh
  • Create phone interview guides and in-person interview templates
  • Review and evaluate applicants
  • Schedule and conduct phone interviews
  • Make recommendations to the client for face-to-face interviews
  • Send “thanks but no thanks” emails to non-qualified candidates
  • Schedule face to face interviews for the client
  • Weekly check-In with HR Annie/Client to provide budgetary updates and receive feedback
  • Check professional references for final candidates
  • Administer PREP-Profile communication assessment (Optional)
  • Create and extend offers to candidates
  • Option to conduct post-offer background checks through HR Annie’s BackgroundBrief
  • Download all candidate information for EEOC retention compliance
  • Conduct a 30-Day performance check-in with the manager and new employee to evaluate fit and encourage coaching


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