Hello 2017 and a HUGE Thank you from HR Annie Consulting!

Feb 23, 2017

Hello 2017 and a HUGE Thank you to our valued clients and friends, and to our HR Annie team!

Here at HR Annie Consulting we have yet to run out of synonyms for the different types of ‘Inclement Weather’, (that’s HR Speak for rain, sleet, snow, ice and all the other terms used to describe the beautiful silver days) we’ve encountered here in Portland #Pdx over the last couple of months. In addition, we are experiencing an inclement political climate, and please know, #wearewithyou and we will focus even more on providing consulting that incorporates diversity into the workplace–ensuring that we keep taking good care of each other!

I write this with optimism and a virtual ‘high-five’ to all of you who have also weathered this storm. We love our clients and our thoughts have gone out to all of you who were affected by the snowpocalypse. Seriously, this hasn’t been easy, especially on our retail clients, and the trickle-down effect, affects all of us, as typical human resource consulting becomes a luxury, right? We’ve felt it too.

A little down time offers us all a chance to focus on our core values and missions. Our team (who I am eternally grateful for!) has been busy moving toward our future goals. Myself, Becky, Gabrielle, Ana and of course the great “HR” Annie, have some really exciting news to share on behalf of HR Annie Consulting and look forward to adding value to the services and products we offer you, our clients and our friends. Here are a few, and you can find out more at http://www.hrannieconsulting.com or follow us on social media!

  • We bought a background check company! BackgroundBrief powered by HR Annie Consulting, http://www.backgroundbrief.com
  • HR Annie Hotline: $349/month unlimited calls and emails for HR advice.
  • HR Annie Workshops & Roundtables: Most are FREE!
  • New Partnerships: We love our attorney, payroll, HRIS, Accounting, Insurance and other trusted advisor partners in this space…if you need a recommendation, we are over the moon to tell you who we think would work well with your particular organization.
  • Community Service: We’ve added a 2017 Initiative to be involved in our Portland community including Dress for Success and PSU, and in lieu of some additional paid days off, our team will be donating time on holidays like MLK, President’s Day, Memorial Day, Labor Day and Veteran’s Day.
  • Standardized Products: Set Pricing for Standard HR Products—Job Descriptions, Handbooks, Policies, Personnel Files, Hiring Right, Terminations, Safety and more.
  • Anti-Harassment and Discrimination combined with Diversity and Oppressive Language Workshops Tailored for your organization.
  • Team Dynamic and Effective Communication Workshops for Leadership Teams.

We are beyond thankful for the word of mouth referrals you provide so our company can continue to grow too. Thank you, thank you, thank you in advance for telling people you know and love, about us. I can’t express my appreciation enough for this in order for our company to be successful.

One more big THANK YOU!

#HRAnnieconsulting #HRisCool #BackgroundBrief

Truly grateful,


Cindy Fetty

Sr. HR Consultant, Partner



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