HR Annie is OPEN for Business — An Update on Covid-19

Mar 12, 2020

I feel it is time to address the Coronavirus with you, our valued clients, officially from myself and our team.

First of all, without our health, we have little. Our health dictates how we can tend to our families, social circles, work and all other aspects of our lives—without it, those other things suffer.

While we feel a huge value to supporting our clients is met with face to face interactions, working alongside you and your teams, we also have the luxury of being able to conduct much of the work remotely and virtually.

We are set up with the technology to continue with meetings and trainings, formal or informal, through GoTo Meeting, FaceTime, Skype or whatever resource you utilize. Please know you can call, email or text us as needed.

The governor and health authorities are also helping determine recommendations and mandating where and how we should conduct business and best serve you, as well as tend to family, etc. We will follow those recommendations as we continue to support your company both onsite and remotely.

For the last several weeks now, we have assisted in navigating workplace sustainability, from helping determine remote work procedures, to supporting employees requesting time off, to being an advocate for how to best communicate information without instilling fear to those who need information from you. We have a wealth of experience getting through tough situations, and can lend an ear to your own worries, and we can help you come up with a PLAN.

We are here for you.

It’s important to be proactive, and to remember that with chaos comes opportunity. Keep your eyes open for this too!

Truly and Gratefully.


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