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Apr 2, 2022

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Creating our very own recruitment consulting company has been a long time in the making. From this, True Calling Recruitment was born.

We interviewed our very own Head of Recruitment, Jessica Ortman, about True Calling Recruitment’s backstory, inspiration, and how it can help employers and job seekers. Keep reading to learn more about TCR through Jessica!


Q: What role did you play in the creation of True Calling Recruitment?

I joined Cindy’s vision as she was hiring for HR Annie’s first dedicated recruiter back in July of 2019. Since then, our incredible clients and consulting team have been integral partners in the growth of this channel, spreading the word, troubleshooting, and creating our unique service and structure that is affordable and partnership-oriented. Five full-time dedicated recruiters now support the team, and we recruit in over ten different areas of specialty/industries and five states!


Q: What was the inspiration behind the name “True Calling Recruitment?”

The name True Calling Recruitment stemmed from an onboarding training I created at a past employer. On everyone’s first day, we read a clip from “The Happiness Advantage” by Shawn Achor, which explained the difference between a job, a career, and a calling.

A few points from Shawn Achor that we discussed:

    • “We view our work as a Job, a Career, or a Calling.
    • People with a ‘job’ see work as a chore and their paycheck as the reward. They work because they have to and constantly look forward to the time they can spend away from their job.
    • By contrast, people who view their work as a career work not only out of necessity but also to advance and succeed. They are invested in their work and want to do well.
    • Finally, people with a calling view work as an end in itself; their work is fulfilling not because of external rewards but because they feel it contributes to the greater good, draws on their personal strengths, and gives them meaning and purpose.”

With that information, we all evaluated how can we all achieve a “calling” mindset on the first day? What is the meaning of your work? How do you tie your daily activities back to a greater purpose of fulfillment? How do you get more of that?

Our mission is to help people find their “true calling” where they can be their authentic selves, show up to work, and do what their heart is drawn to most. By helping our clients enhance and highlight the incredible work they are doing, having good conversations with candidates and understanding what is important to them, and then matching them up together, more people are out there finding their suitable match in the professional world.

Everyone has different passions and interests that draw this quality out of them, and the more frequently people find roles that align with their soul, values, and purpose, the less “work” there is in the world!


Q: Can you briefly explain what True Calling Recruitment does? 

 True Calling Recruitment is a consulting firm specializing in building and supporting clients with recruitment infrastructure and full-cycle recruitment services.

We do this by taking a holistic approach, evaluating the “why” behind set practices, and enhancing opportunities for clients to be more marketable as employers, whether that be improving job ads, locations for posting ads, benefit offerings, competitive pay practices, etc.

In addition to that, we conduct full-cycle recruitments for clients that include sourcing passive applications, phone screening, building interview templates, ensuring equitable processes, coaching on recruitment steps and efficiencies, extending offers, checking references, and running background checks.

Regardless of the industry or level of technicality you’re hiring for, the core principles are the same, which we’re best at! TCR is an affordable hybrid option of an internal recruiter and an agency recruiter that serves as an extension of your HR department.


Q: How can TCR help job seekers? 

TCR has a strong connection with companies with one main thing in common: they treat people well. We can help introduce you to incredible local opportunities and help you with your approach to job seeking, whether that be resume advice, interview tips, etc.

We are equally advocating for great candidates as we are for great clients, and it is so rewarding for us to see someone get their dream job, knowing we helped make the connection!


Q: Any other exciting things about True Calling you’d like to share?

With TCR, you’re not only getting a “hire,” but you’re also getting a team of dedicated recruitment experts that care about your company’s success. With a network of qualified HR professionals at HR Annie, we can also help with services that impact your recruitment abilities, such as compensation studies, handbook policy updates, employee engagement, onboarding, etc. We are one big team!


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