Welcome 2019!

Feb 28, 2019

I could not be more excited as HR Annie Consulting heads into year TEN! Oh my gosh–when I joined the infamous Annie (aka my mom) in 2012, I had a vision that we could really grow this company, so I could run a successful business and she could retire at the pace she wants.

Her succession plan, “do whatever the hell you want, you’ve earned it”.

Lucky for our team, she still enjoys working a little bit, and her experience and wisdom is like having a leading Hollywood lady on our team…the HR Annie Hotline, ya, that’s Annie, not some third-party down in Texas.

To continue with the growth and to meet our strategic goals, we have brought on a small, but mighty group of dedicated, passionate, human resource lovers, Ana, Gabrielle, Erin, Amanda and we keep growing.

Our one ‘must-have’ when hiring for my company, you must believe #HRisCool.

Meet our team here…

Heading into 2019, we are focused on building out some internal infrastructure and revisiting some of our processes in order to set ourselves up for continued growth including utilizing a CRM, refreshing our marketing and branding, and soon will be providing an additional client resource of on-demand templates and guides. In addition, we have officially launched our HR Annie Manager CrashCourse…a 2-day immersive course focusing on everything managers need to know about communication and building trust and influence as well as understanding the compliance and liabilities associated with their role in their company. We’ve had amazing feedback from the February attendees, and look forward to helping more managers (owners, operators, hr professionals) feel knowledgeable and confident in their roles, through our trainings and workshops!

“This class (manager crash course) gave me the confidence to go back and implement all of these best practices and compliances immediately” -Tina, W Aesthetics

If we can do all of this, plus continue to work alongside our amazing clients providing customized HR support (which literally means, we become an extension of you), the opportunities are endless.

Thank you to all of our clients, vendors, partners, friends and family, for your trust, support, encouragement and ongoing relationships.

Cheers to 2019!

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