Manager and HR Training Series - Summer 2022

Tuesdays: July 12th | July 19th | July 26th | August 2nd

9:00 AM-12:30 PM Each Day

Join us for our BRAND NEW 4-session Manager and HR Training Series in July 2022.

Our Manager and HR Training Series is now offered as individual sessions, mix & match or attend the entire series. Want to attend all 4 sessions in the series? Bundle all four session dates for the price of three!

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What’s New?

We’ve re-designed the series in response to our excellent client feedback looking for more flexible ways to bring training to their teams. This new series is a revamped version of our signature 2-day Manager/HR Crash Course training, now delivered in 4-half day sessions over 4-weeks.

And, we’ve added two new topics to the series: Leaders are the Culture Keepers & ABCs of ADA: Workplace Accommodations, for a total of 8 training topics in the series!

Who Should Attend?

These sessions are built for anyone on your team that has HR or management functions baked into their role – such as hiring, performance, coaching, employee relations, culture, and communication.

Whether you’re a manager, a supervisor, an HR professional, or an owner who wears all the hats, you will gain critical foundational knowledge to provide effective leadership, minimize legal risk, and maximize employee performance.

Virtual Format – Live Learning

Each session is held virtually, in real-time, guided by an HR expert from our wonderful HR Annie Consulting team who will facilitate workshopping throughout the training and lead a detailed Q&A session. If bundling as an entire series, you will have access to 5 high-level HR experts!

Series Session Details

Click the plus sign next to a session to explore what it has to offer or choose to bundle all four sessions to receive a discount!

All sessions are eligible for 3 SHRM and HRCI credits. Attend all four sessions to receive 12 credits!

This 2-part session is offered as a single session purchase or Session 1 in the Manager and HR Training Series.

Communication Foundations for Managers

In this workshop, we’ll bring recognition of our own and others’ communication preferences, so we can build trust more quickly to motivate and meet the needs of our staff. We’ll build foundational skills and awareness about our core professional values and our roles as managers to provide clear and effective communication in the workplace. We’ll learn strategies to watch for communication pitfalls and set communication boundaries as professionals in influential leadership roles.

Leaders Are the Culture Keepers: A Manager’s Role in An Inclusive & Respectful Workplace

From social justice movements to social media call-outs, workplace conversations have evolved, and employers have a significant opportunity to engage in those critical conversations through listening, learning, and training. Let’s start with an essential discussion on how we all (employers, managers, and staff) have a responsibility to contribute to an Inclusive & Respectful Workplace and how managers must lead and respond when unprofessional issues arise at work.

Tuesday, July 12, 2022

9:00AM - 12:30PM

$350 / attendee

This 2-part session is offered as a single session purchase or Session 2 in the Manager and HR Training Series.

Hiring Right the First Time: Recruitment Strategy and Interview Compliance/Best Practice

Hiring employees is one of the most essential investments that companies make. The average cost of hiring a single employee is around $4,000 (Glassdoor 2022). From job ads to interviewing to the final selection, this session will ensure that managers have a fair & consistent system and feel confident in their interview skills and strategies to support selecting top-notch talent for the organization. – presented by True Calling Recruitment

Onboarding/Retention: Building Engagement in The First 90 Days & Beyond

A company’s onboarding process is integral to ensuring that newly hired and newly promoted staff are engaged and welcomed to the team in a way that ensures their success and their commitment to the company’s success. In this session, we’ll take managers on two employee onboarding journeys and, along the way, build the foundations of a successful onboarding process to ensure that we are engaging staff in their first 90-days and beyond!

Tuesday, July 19, 2022

9:00AM - 12:30PM

$350 / attendee

This 2-part session is offered as a single session purchase or Session 3 in the Manager and HR Training Series.

Performance Management: Coaching & Feedback, Performance Gap Analysis

We designed this session specifically to learn how to simply provide clear and meaningful feedback to coach, redirect, motivate, & recognize employees. This is true coaching ‘in-the-moment’ to ‘nip in the bud’ most performance issues. Additionally, we’ll workshop through the Performance Analysis model to determine the root cause of the performance gap, so we are coaching correctly. 

Performance Management: Progressive Discipline, Documentation, Difficult Conversations

During this session, we’ll learn that the corrective process is ‘not a scare tactic’ but valuable to staff to ensure that we are informing a clear path to improvement. Throughout this session, we’ll examine the Progressive Discipline process and identify when we have moved beyond coaching to formalized correction. Through scenario work, we’ll get tactical to determine what level of correction is needed, why we must document, how to document, and how to gain confidence in having the face/face performance conversation.

Tuesday, July 26, 2022

9:00AM - 12:30PM

$350 / attendee

This 2-part session is offered as a single session purchase or Session 4 in the Manager and HR Training Series.

Leave Of Absence: What Managers Need to Know

Why do I, as a manager, need to know about leaves of absence? Isn't this an HR-only training? Do any of these statements sound familiar: "My spouse is pregnant!" "I'm having back surgery." "My father passed away, and I need time off." "I'm missing work due to anxiety." "I'm managing time for substance counseling." "My child has chronic ear infections." "I'm taking a new medication, and it makes me sleepy." Congratulations, you have leave experience! This session will ensure managers know their next steps and resources to manage legally protected leaves compliantly.

ABCs Of ADA: Workplace Accommodations - What Managers Need to Know

Providing reasonable accommodations is not just best practice; it's the law. Beyond the legal requirement to provide reasonable accommodations to employees with disabilities, our workplaces benefit by creating a more knowledgeable and inclusive workforce. Managers are key employees in the ADA process, and providing training and tools for confidence in the process is essential to risk mitigation for organizations.

Tuesday, August 2, 2022

9:00AM - 12:30PM

$350 / attendee

Attend all four sessions for the price of three!

Receive 12 SHRM/HRCI credits when you attend all four sessions.

$1050 / attendee


Attendees will engage with a variety of HR and Recruitment experts throughout the different sessions who will train on compliance and best practices. Learn more about each of our speakers:

Linda Addy
Senior HR Consultant

Carrie Koble
Senior HR Consultant

Brooke Bohan
Senior HR Generalist

Carly Richter

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