Hospitality Industry Handbook – Compliance, Best Practices, and Culture-Positive


This hospitality employee handbook template is complete with industry-specific policies, best practices, and compliance must-haves.


We have created an employee handbook template with your hospitality business in mind. This handbook template is complete with industry-specific policies that include best practices for OLCC, health department, guest incident, tip pooling, and other best practices and compliance. A consistent message throughout the company regarding what you expect from the employees and what they can expect from you is essential in any company. A more focused and productive team working toward company goals, instead of wondering if they are doing the right work in the right way is critical.

What you get?

  • A list of the must-have compliance information and industry-specific policies for your company size (and ability to purchase additional state addenda).
  • A well-drafted and vetted handbook that can be easily tailored or customized for your hospitality business. (Don’t want to call it a handbook? No problem. Call it a Resource Guide, Guidebook, Manifesto!)
  • Additional Best Practice and Culture-Positive recommended policies and benefits that support a hospitality company committed to taking really, great care of their employees.
  • Access to HR Annie Consulting for support for quick compliance updates or additional policies, tools or templates that support your handbook.

$1800 (see pricing for additional Compliant State Addenda $250 per state)

How to get your handbook?

Once you submit payment for the handbook, you will receive a welcome email confirming your order and allowing you to specify any additional details or questions you might have. Then, our team will send the handbook in digital Word document.


HR Annie regularly reviews legal and compliance employment guidelines. Purchaser is responsible to ongoing review after purchase. Please see our HR support services if you’d prefer to have regular updates after the initial purchase.