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HR & Manager Crash Course

Whether you’re a manager, a supervisor, an HR professional, or an owner who wears all the hats, you will gain critical foundational knowledge to provide effective leadership, minimize legal risk, and maximize employee performance.

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An employee’s relationship with their manager is the single-most impactful factor for employee engagement...

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What is it?

Our HR & Manager Crash Course is a 2-day workshop covering a wide range of HR & leadership topics, such as...

  • Communication Foundations
  • Creating an Inclusive & Respectful Workplace
  • Hiring & Onboarding
  • Leaves of Absence
  • ADA & Accommodations
  • & more!

Whether you need to build your manager bench, create a foundational and impactful knowledge baseline, or support team members with continuous improvement, our Crash Course has got you covered!

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Feedback From Past HR & Manager Crash Courses

"I loved the HR Annie CrashCourse because it taught me a lot. I learned new ways to both improve the business I work for, but also how to improve myself as a manager. I will highly recommend HR Annie to other businesses."

"I loved the HR Annie CrashCourse because they cover the basics. Everything you need to know to start out or improve your managerial career."

"I feel more empowered to lead my team and feel very supported by the HR Annie team to manage all the HR scenarios that come my way."

"The topics covered were all very informative and applicable to my everyday work life. They broke down many complex scenarios into easily digestible steps. I’ve encouraged my boss to send more people on the team to this training!"

"This training was inspirational and so instructive. While I can proudly say our company has very high standards when it comes to all things HR, management, and recruiting, the information received at this training was invaluable. Everything was interactive, engaging, with very open dialogue and well-timed."

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