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Our company has always prided itself on developing a strong culture, but it wasn’t until we worked with HR Annie that our culture was clearly defined and put into action. HR Annie was able to guide us through a process that enabled each of our team members to be a stakeholder in our culture and ultimately resulted in an Employee Led Code of Conduct. This Code of Conduct has become our commitment to how we serve our residents, our families and each other.

Anthem Memory Care




HR Annie has been one of our foundation pillars for growing our business.. As a small company, there are several important areas of business where we fall short on our expertise. Human Resources done well is critical for a healthy and thriving work environment. HR Annie has provided us with awesome support and leadership in developing our company culture. This includes our awesome company handbook, the complete hiring process for new employees, and general compliance to state and local laws. Thank you HR Annie!





At Curtis Restaurant Equipment, we were small enough of a company to handle our own HR issues as they came up. Over the years though, we have grown in size and the requirements for compliancy have changed often, to the point that we could no longer do it on our own. Through our mutual affiliate membership in the Oregon Restaurant & Lodging Association, we connected with HR Annie Consulting, and began utilizing their services when issues came up. Among many benefits to the partnership, the overall level of stress to make sure we are complying that it has taken from us, allows a sigh of relief after every conversation.

When Curtis Restaurant Equipment realized we had grown to a size that we can no longer handle HR services on our own, the flexibility in plans that HR Annie Consulting offered was great. We utilize their services when the need arises without having to maintain a retainer fee, or hire full time employees to handle HR. It has been a great addition to our team!

Curtis Restaurant Equipment

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Providore Fine Foods has been working with HR Annie for over 3 years. In that time, we have worked together on a comprehensive handbook, job descriptions, electronic record keeping, training procedures, insurance programs and day to day HR presence. The work we’ve accomplished has been strategic to Providore’s needs and tactical in helping us maintain our HR programs. I’ve also found Cindy and Linda to be trusted and practical and advisors on delicate HR matters that need trained professional guidance. All in all, HR Annie has provided the support that I’ve been accustomed to while working in larger organizations, for a fraction of the cost. Talk HR with Cindy for 30 minutes and you will see what I’m talking about. They are the partners you’re looking for.

Providore Fine Foods

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I first found HR Annie while expanding my small team, and they’ve been essential in creating a strong HR foundation for my business. As someone who doesn’t need a full time HR staff member, having a resource I can contact whenever a question comes up is critical to the success of my business. I have a consultant I can contact directly with questions, and usually receive answers within a few hours. It gives me great peace of mind to know that whenever I need help, I have a reliable, attentive HR professional ready to help. The whole team is wonderful to work with.

Hannah Naomi

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Two years ago, I started my HR career with a fast moving, innovative startup company. In a pinch, I searched for HR consultants and came across HR Annie Consulting. When I called, the owner, Cindy, answered the phone right away. I explained our situation and she freely gave me a few templates that were extremely useful. After we spoke about our company needs, she matched us with a rock-solid expert who could navigate our sensitive topics and employee management. Anytime day or night the team at HR Annie Consulting has been quick to respond. The trainings they provide and the tools they offer are very affordable and invaluable. I would recommend HR Annie Consulting to anyone looking for a fast-responding, all-inclusive team of HR experts.

Candace Theberge, HR Professional



From the moment we began our partnership with HR Annie, they have been thorough, professional and helped streamline our HR processes.  In a very short period of time, HR Annie fully understood our business and where the most guidance was needed. Our staff and leadership team have greatly benefitted from our partnership and know that HR Annie can fully support our HR needs as we grow.


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I first heard about HR Annie through a friend of mine. Upon meeting the HR Annie team, I found the entire team to be some of the most outstanding people I’ve met. Each person brings years of his/her unique HR and business experience, making HR Annie a wealth of wisdom.

In the process of choosing HR Annie, I met with a few other companies in their field. I did not find anyone else to be as on top of it as HR Annie, and I also didn’t find anyone else to have the consistent process HR Annie uses with its clients and their employees.

I hired an outsourced HR consultancy because we needed process, consistency, and formality in HR without alienating our staff. Over the course of a few months, HR Annie earned our staff’s respect and adoration; my phone stopped ringing. I was able to focus on other areas of my business without being distracted by HR, and I was comforted knowing my staff was receiving excellent service. As a result of hiring HR Annie, we saved money, time, and lowered our HR risk factors. Additionally, when I go to HR Annie for questions, they always help me see blind spots I had trouble seeing and then advise on implementing solutions. This is a crucial focus of what they do that is invaluable.

HR Annie has become a key strategic partner in helping us shape our growth and evolution. It’s been thrilling watching all of the changes with our company happen, knowing the discussion began in HR Annie’s office.

I would recommend HR Annie in a heartbeat to any business, and I have to our clients and vendors. I can’t picture our business without HR Annie as part of our team, and we’re so grateful to work with them.

DaVinci Digital




We discovered HR Annie because we were looking for help in updating our very outdated handbook as well as some other organization restructuring needs. Everyone at HR Annie has been very prompt, helpful and great to work with from the very beginning. During the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, they were there for us when we had questions about all the changing laws and provided free webinars about those laws so everyone could understand them. When we had specific law questions about layoffs, they were very quick and easy to understand. We have recommended HR Annie to our customer and vendors and they have no complaints either.

Advanced Locking Solutions

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I began my search for an HR consultant company because our clinic was growing and we needed some structure and support. In early 2020 I started to do my research. I asked for recommendations from other Health Care Managers and over and over again HR Annie was recommended. March 2020 was the start of the pandemic and all projects were put on hold including adding on an HR consultant. By June 2020 I was in over my head and could not run our clinic and give our staff the support they needed. I reached out to HR Annie explained our situation and felt a sense of relief right away. Right away we were assigned a personal consultant, added to their email list, and provided with a schedule of all upcoming training provided.

Our personal consultant took the time to learn about us. We were able to align new policies to our company’s core values. HR Annie also worked around our hectic surgery schedule and we were able to schedule in-person leadership training. This training was exactly what our team needed. We are all on the same page and working towards the same goals.

Recently we needed to hire a new employee and I was overwhelmed just thinking of trying to fit in interviews. I reached out to HR Annie and was again assigned a personal consultant who managed the recruitment of a new employee. Our recruiter took care of the entire process and found a candidate that had years of experience with our specialized surgery. I will never hire another employee without the help of HR Annie’s recruitment services.

Skin Cancer Surgery Center




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