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What is Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI)?

What is Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI)?

DIVERSITY is the presence of differences such as race, gender, age, sexual orientation, disability, socioeconomic status, religious beliefs, and more.

EQUITY is the practice of promoting justice, acceptance, and fairness in a system that is rooted in disparities.   

INCLUSION is inviting and welcoming diversity. It's about making all individuals and groups feel equally invited and included.

Diversity is the goal, Equity is the pathway to get there, Inclusion ensures we get there together.

What are the outcomes of strong workplace DEI?

What are the outcomes of strong workplace DEI?

Inviting DEI into the workplace comes with a variety of benefits such as:

  • Higher employee engagement 
  • Increased creativity & innovation
  • Reduced employee turnover 
  • Increased productivity & profits 
  • Stronger connections internally & externally

DEI initiatives are essential to encourage employees to bring forth their most authentic selves, allowing them to do their best work.  

What are the signs that DEI is lacking?

What are the signs that DEI is lacking?

Here are some common red flags in workplaces without DEI: 

  • Employees are fearful or hesitant to share things about themselves.
  • Employees feel isolated or "other" and then leave.
  • Employees believe only a specific type of person can reach the highest ranks in the company. 
  • Employees worrying their personal values don't align with the company.

Do you recognize some of these? We're here to help! 

Do your employees really feel like they belong?

Imagine that your business is a table.

Do all employees get to sit at this table? Can everyone reach the goodies on the table? Is everyone able to hear the important things being said? Does their chair allow them to sit comfortably and feel their best self?

Now, we know this might be a simple or silly metaphor. But this is a great example of how diversity, equity, and inclusion all impact the workplace.

DEI initiatives help us realize how we can give everyone an equal seat at the table. Going back to our table metaphor here: An equitable workplace looks like a massive long banquet table with different chairs for each person. These chairs should fit each person's body and help them bring their truest selves to the table. Everyone's seat should get them equal access to all the goodies. And everyone should be able to hear and participate in the conversations happening there.  

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Creating an equitable and inclusive workplace allows your employees to be more productive, trusting, and accepting when mistakes are made. It cultivates a culture of acceptance and belonging, helping employees bring their best and truest selves to work every day.

HR Annie's DEI Statement

" HR Annie Consulting acknowledges the incredible opportunity and responsibility we have as advisers, consultants, and trainers in Human Resources to teach and influence inclusion and celebrate diversity within our organization, with our clients, and in our community."

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Our Mission:

Together, With Belonging teaches equity awareness and human perspective-taking, promoting inclusion and celebrating diversity in workplaces.

Together, with Belonging Provides Businesses with:

Proven Tools

We have curated a toolbox full of guides, templates, and other impactful resources to help guide your DEI initiatives.

Live sessions

We have built interactive sessions that foster deeper knowledge and commitment to DEI in the workplace and beyond.

Custom Trainings

Our HR Annie Training team has a catalog of fully-customizable DEI trainings built specifically for your business and team's needs.

Let us help you build a workplace culture committed to DEI.

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