Team Dynamics and Effective Communication

Mar 9, 2017

Conducted by Cindy Fetty, Senior Consultant/PREP Administrator

The Team Dynamics and Effective Communication Workshop helps leadership and internal team members understand your natural style of communication and how the ways in which we both send and receive information can be perceived by those with differing communication styles and a different set of personal/professional values. This would include communication with co-leaders and the teams they lead.

During the Team Dynamics and Effective Communication Workshop, the PREP Personality Profile will be utilized to show the differing communication styles of each team member and how to approach your co-leaders and employees under variable circumstances using the most effective communication.

Your team will also be given an overview analysis of their current stress and energy levels (which are gleaned from the PREP Profile) and how to manage those in order to be more effective team members, managers and co-leaders.

The workshop will show where your current team falls on a Team Dynamic Matrix; where the strengths and opportunities fall within the team, how to navigate those areas where opportunities lay, and how to be more effective as a whole team, not just as individuals. This Matrix can even be used to help navigate what communication types will compliment your team in the future.

The workshop will wrap up with individual and team actionable items and goals for utilizing the information and being accountable for using effective communication throughout their success.

What the Workshop Will Do:

  • Team members will be given an Analysis of their Personal PREP Profile (The PREP is emailed and taken online—takes only about 5-10 minutes to complete);
  • Help team members Understand Their Natural Communication Style;
  • Reduce Miscommunication in the Workplace;
  • Provide Tools for Effective Communication;
  • Train Leaders to Focus on Managing with Support;
  • Hold Leaders and team members Accountable for Effective Communication.

A Bit of Information about PREP Profiles

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