You Need to Create a Job Description

Jan 22, 2018

Cindy Free-Fetty

 We get asked this all the time…

I have created a new position in my company, what should I include in a job description?

A job description should clearly state what you really need from anyone that does that job.

  1. Start with a Summary: A Brief overview of the primary responsibilities of the position.
  2. Add the Essential Duties and Responsibilities: List them in order of importance, if possible; keep the items broadly, simply & clearly stated. Think of the top 3-5 essentials.
  3. Add things like Experience/Education/Certifications, Special skills, Communication (written and verbal) skills, Mathematical skills and other related abilities specific to the job.
  4. Add physical abilities and work environment to make sure you have any ADA needs established up front. This is also helpful when making return to work accommodations for on-the-job injuries.
  5. Review the job description at least annually to make sure it stays accurate and relevant so you are measuring your employee’s performance against the right things. If your company is growing and or changing a lot, make sure you review these more often.

Now is a great time to ensure your job descriptions are up-to-date. Job descriptions are the key to writing effective job ads, utilizing with performance expectations and determining wage and compensation accuracy.

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