Employer Pre-Employment Due Diligence & Fair Chance Employment


Join HR Annie for an informative rundown of pre-employment due diligence and how to promote fair chance employment in your organization.



Join our CEO, Cindy Free, for an informational webinar about pre-employment due diligence and fair chance employment. We’ll go over about the myth that reference checks don’t work, remind employers why skills tests, working interviews, and drug testing may or may not be a good indicator of why to hire or not hire someone, and discuss considerations for running background checks on employees.

Session Highlights:

  1. What kinds of pre-employment due diligence make sense for my company?

  2. Do references really work?

  3. Can I have someone do a working interview without paying them?

  4. What does Fair Chance employment mean?

  5. Should I run background checks on current employees?

  6. Do people still do pre-employment drug testing?

  7. What if I have employees in multiple states and want to run background checks?

  8. What do I do if a background check comes back with a ‘hit’?

  9. And more….

Note: This is a recording of a past HR Annie webinar and may include references to past events and updates. It is not eligible for SHRM or HRCI credits.

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