Custom Interview Template


If you’re looking to hire your next employee and are unsure where to begin, start with an interview template! This will help steer the conversation in a productive direction, keep the focus on compliant interview discussion, and give you the insight you need in making your next hire.

In order for us to make your custom interview template we need the following information:


Receive a custom interview template complete with questions to gauge specific soft and technical skills needed for your unique role and industry. Crafted by experts from True Calling Recruitment.

$120 per interview template


In order for us to make your custom interview template, we need the following information:

  • Tell us a bit about what position you are hiring for.
  • Select 5 “soft skills” that are important in your next hire.
  • Tell us about some other “technical skills” you’re needing to evaluate.

How to get your template

Once you submit payment for the interview template you will receive a welcome email confirming your order and allowing you to specify any additional details or questions you might have. Then, our team will send the template in the form of a digital Word document.


HR Annie regularly reviews legal and compliance employment guidelines. Purchaser is responsible for ongoing review after purchase.